Thursday, August 25, 2005

Delicious debates

I basically 'hang out' at BGG. When I am researching a new game, I download the rules (if they are available), print them off, read them through twice, and highlight sections I have questions about. Then I read through every single post in the General Comments and Rules Questions forums. In many games, there are some quite involved and passionate discussions about:
  • Is it a good game?
  • Is it broken?
  • Is it solved?
  • Does it play well with 'n' players?
I have to say, I believe that games with this kind of response are Good Games by definition. Why should someone spend their valuable time arguing that a game is broken, or trying to convince others who seem to be enjoying it that somehow they are misguided? Admittedly, geeks love to be right and convince others of this fact. But I think for the most part, everyone involved in the discussion either enjoys the game or wants to enjoy it. They see the genius of the design, even behind their perceived flaws, and they don't want to let go.

As a community, we use the Socratic method to its extreme. We poke and prod at every weakness, forcing others to defend it. In the end, we all benefit from this trial by fire. We have so many great games to argue about, and so little time...


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