Sunday, September 18, 2005

Game list update

Added the following to my want list:

Vinci: Playing it now on Ludagora. It's pretty fun. I am new to civ games. This one is simple enough to play (no silly tech trees), but has enough going on to be interesting. Thanks to Mary (sodaklady) for the first-time guidance.

Removed the following:

Hive: The movement rules are simply not elegant. I have enough 2 player abstracts that I don't need one with "issues".

Lock 'N Load: Band of Heroes: I think Mark Walker and Matrix blew it--at least for me. The super bright/bold hexes obscure the map (bocage). The rules are not available online. The demo rules from the previous game are very poorly written. Maybe they are acceptible to wargamers, but they are not up to eurou-gamer standards. I am getting ambiguous answers to questions online, indicating that even other players are unable to agree on the interpretations of these 'simple" rules. There are known errors, even though they got all materials for approval (they decided to live with the errors). The publisher admits you need to use a knife to cut some counters from the frame. The box covering is not properly glued. The cards are terrible quality. All for a mere $55. No thanks. The biggest issue here by far is the availability of rules online. I could live with all the rest if I knew ahead of time that I thought the rules were reasonable. Nothing I have seen leads me to believe this. I would try the game if I could get my money back (including shipping both ways) if I didn't like it.

Lord of the Rings - The Confrontation: Deluxe Edition: Given that I have 18 games on my want list, I can live without this one for now. It's not compelling enough to keep. If I bought them all, this would be the last one played. And by the time I got to it, I would have bought another handful of games pushing it further down in the pile.


At 7:43 PM, Blogger 2!3054). said...

Hive has been off my list for a while for the same reason you give. I've heard of Vinci before, but never looked into it all until now. It does look interesting, I'd be curious to see what you think about it after getting a few plays in.


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