Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Unexpected Game Order

Three of the "hazards" of being in a game group are that 1) you are exposed to more games, 2) you are exposed to more gamers with different tastes, and 3) you get more opportunities to combine orders to save on shipping. All of these will tempt me to buy more games more often...which I just did. Ok, maybe "hazards" was too harsh a word. I should have said "perks".

Inkognito: One of those on-and-off-my-want-list games. Even if I dislike it after a couple of plays, I can still set it up to make people freak out.

Terra Nova: Simple and pretty game with a Hey! That's My Fish kind of feel, but a little more going on. I like the scoring system: 1/2/3 different kinds of terrain in an enclosed area scores 3/2/1 points per space. Opposing forces rule!

Antike: Now that I have a game group to play with, this game is sure to hit the table. I could take or leave the new bits. Pretty much a wash.

The End of the Triumvirate: This unusual 3p-only game (variant for 2p) is really neat. Three different game ending conditions, and three asymmetric starting positions for the players. I made a VASSAL module for it, but have been unable to get a reply from Lookout Games asking for permission. If you know Hanno, point him my way.

King Me!: A fun-sounding filler with moderate luck. I think it's the promotion mechanic that grabs me, just like in Kremlin, and In the Shadow of the Emperor.

Inkognito image by juan-agustin.


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