Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Lobster Trap or Bust

Lobster Trap, a four-day game convention, starts tomorrow! The Gathering of Friends is held in Ohio because Alan Moon's private game night grew so big that Ohio was the only place that would inexpensively accommodate the 600+ invitees. Lobster Trap is a local, and more intimate, version of that.*

I attended Unity Games at the same location. It was a great one-day event, but lacked a certain quality that only multiple days, late nights, and lack of sleep can provide.

I made a list of games I'd like to play. Some are games that I'd like to try before I buy. Some are games I'd probably never buy unless I played them and really liked them. Some are games I'd like to play with experienced players so I can learn them better. Some are games I just want to play because I don't get the right crowd for them often. And some I've just wanted to play for a long time:

Agricola, Amyitis, Byzantium, Chang Cheng, The Circle, Cold War, Colosseum, Container, Cuba, Darjeeling, Die Macher, Dune, El Capitan, Galaxy Trucker, Il Principe, In the Year of the Dragon, King of Siam, Kingsburg, League of Six, Liberte, Mordred, Neuroshima Hex!, Origins, Oriente, Perikles, Princes of the Renaissance, Pueblo, Quo Vadis?, Qwirkle, Stephenson's Rocket, Struggle of Empires, Take Stock, Through the Ages, Tribune, Tzaar, Utopia, and Wadi.

If you are going to Lobster Trap and you own any of these, especially Dune, King of Siam, League of Six, Mordred, Neuroshima Hex!, Origins, Princes of the Renaissance, Pueblo, Stephenson's Rocket, Through the Ages, and Tribune, please bring them and teach me!



At 10:11 AM, Blogger Ryan Walberg said...

This event sounds awesome!

At 2:39 PM, Blogger hibikir said...

And no BGG con? For shame...

At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you could make it Jim. Hope the event met your expectations. The goal of Lobster Trap is for it to be a smaller intimate Gathering like event - very informal and a lot of fun. Getting a large chunk of the Essen games there for people to try is a big bonus and something we always strive to do. Our attendance was down a bit this year - approx 80. Last year were where over 100. I'm hoping next years is closer to that mark.

I'll post my comments on the games in your more recent post.



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