Friday, September 30, 2005

Game list update

Added Caylus to my list. This is the second release from the publishers of Ys. I bought Ys and enjoy it despite the issues I have with the black gems. Caylus takes the token placement of Ys, the building of structures from Puerto Rico, the resource production/conversion from Keythedral, and combines them into a brand new feel.

All buildings that are built, while owned by the builder, are available to be "used" by other players. So if you build the Mason's House, for example, you get 4PP (prestige points), but anyone may now use that building to build new stone buildings. You can always use it for 1 denier (unit of money in the game), but others will usually pay more. Also, when other players use your buildings, you get 1PP.

The rules seem very solid, and there appears to be many paths to victory. This is the kind of game where players will spend a lot of time debating the best strategies--always a good sign.


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