Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Game Order

My holy grail game, Taj Mahal has finally been released. With that, I placed an order with Fair Play Games for everything on my want list that is available. There are actually quite a few games coming for November and perhaps December, but now that I have a real chance of getting lots of new games on the table almost immediately, why wait?

Colossal Arena: Played this once at game night a few weeks ago. I had a blast. Like Through the Desert, reading the rules left me unimpressed, but playing it changed my mind.

Gloria Mundi: I am not 100% on this game, but I cannot convince myself to wait. A recent ruling by Jay (that wasn't at all clear to me) pushed this game up a notch.

Himalaya: Some games put simultaneous action selection to good use without making a chaotic mess. This is one of them.

Mission: Red Planet: Another simultaneous action selection game that just sounds like a good time. I picture this game playing almost like a party game. There have been differing reports of quality on BGG. I am aware of the 2 cards with missing letters. I have my fingers crossed on the rest.

Taj Mahal: This was the first game I ever rated a 10. I knew it had a certain magic for me as soon as I started into the rules. To date, I have only played it once, and that was online. I have been waiting not-so-patiently for this release for over a year. Thanks to Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games for the reprint.

Taj Mahal image by garyjames


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