Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Game Order

It's that time again. I'm down to only 23 unplayed games in my collection, and my shelves are full. Might as well add some new games to the pile and increase the tension on getting more new games to the table. The excitement of placing a new game order just never gets old. This time there's nothing really heavy.

Downfall of Pompeii
Yeah yeah. This is very light, and very random. It still sounds like fun, and something to play with a less serious group. I think I only read the rules because I was bored, but I think I'll enjoy this.

This game was on the fence for a long time. The rules never came out in English, so I was a little in the dark. I decided to grab the French rules and translate them to English. I posted these to BGG. I like the market "auction" mechanic, as well as the PowerGrid-esque expansion system.

I've been waiting for this one ever since it was announced. Was that over a year ago? I've since bought and played Medici vs Strozzi, and while it is math-heavy, I enjoyed it. I think a similar game with 3-5 players will be even more fun with less math (by virtue of the chaos of the extra players). The board design is better than all of the others, but still not great. I also dislike the use of Goa spice bags for markers.

On the Underground
Although I'm not really comparing the two, this game will likely take the place for me that Ticket to Ride does with others. By far the most attractive and functional board in this order.

Brownie points. 'Nuff said.

It didn't sound that good reading the rules long ago, but playing it sure was a blast. I love games where other players do things you never thought of.

Very abstract, but interesting system. Maybe this game will be to me what Blue Moon City is to others.

Another hit from Ystari. What more can I say?

Downfall of Pompeii image by GeoMan


At 1:39 AM, Anonymous Linnaeus said...

Funnily enough, now I almost want Medici more because of the funkily coloured spice bags, to go with my more conservatively coloured Goa ones.

It'll pass, I'm sure :)


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