Thursday, March 01, 2007

Game Night at the Condo

After getting all excited about game night, it ended up being rather luke-warm for me. We started with 5 players, but expected a 6th, so we started with a filler. Sigh. Once we had 6, we fell into the trap of choosing something none of us would have chosen individually. Next time I will demand we play Railroad Tycoon, Antike, or split into two groups of 3.

Not a bad game. Just not something to start a game night with. It's just a little too long for game so light. The good news is that I finally won a game with 91 gold.

I own this, but it's in the pile of games I'm not interested in playing again. Perhaps it's just from a few bad experiences, but I just don't see the game here. The only way to win is to get the shareholder bonuses, or to guess very early and buy a ton of stock in a company that's going to worth much more in the future. Either way it seems to come down to what tiles you draw. On turn 2 I knew I would come in last. There was absolutely nothing I could do the entire game to get a shareholder bonus, nor to even start a corporation. This game is now solidly in the "never play again" pile.

Wyatt Earp
A nice twist on Rummy. Rather than rushing to "go out", players use melds to increase their stake in an attempt to bring in the 7 wanted men/women. The payout rules are rather quirky, but not cumbersome. This game played in about an hour for 4 players with 3 of us learning. We could probably play in 30-40 minutes next time.

Wyatt Earp image by Geosmores


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