Thursday, March 08, 2007

Game Night at the Condo

This was the second week in a row where the number of players and indecision resulted in a somewhat disappointing set of games.

Two new games for me this week: UR and Beowulf. Both were okay, but I didn't come away with any good or bad thoughts. I think they will both need to be played again to form any sort of opinion. In UR, our game finished without players interacting at all. It made me think we were playing wrong, no matter how certain I was that I had the rules right. Beowulf just seemed overly random--definitely not the kind of game my Geek Buddies would rave about...but they do.

The night ended with 2 games of Subbuteo, and a great game of Zertz.

Games I want to play on game nights. Why do they come out so infrequently?

Taj Mahal
El Grande
Railroad Tycoon
Princes of Florence
Struggle of Empires
Louis XIV

Beowulf image by itiswon


At 4:39 AM, Anonymous ReiXou said...

I now enjoy Beowulf more and more. At the beginning we were just pathetic. Now you usually need around 35 VP to win. Do you remember your winner's score ?

At 11:52 AM, Blogger ekted said...

It was 32-29-28.


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