Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Azathoth in the Corner Pocket

Despite my dislike of so much that is Arkham Horror, I am compelled to play. Tonight we sent Mandy, Mary, and Joe up against Azathoth. His power is that the game ends immediately if he awakens. No chance to fight him.

We got unbelievably lucky with our rolls, encounters, and Mythos cards. Mary kept her Blessing for almost the entire game, and acquired a Retainer that netted her $12. Joe acquired as many Clue Tokens as the other 2 characters put together. Mandy and Mary met at the Curiositie Shoppe to exchange items and to buy something useful. They each found an Elder Sign! We had 4 gates sealed in no time. The only really bad Mythos card required a character to discard 3 spells to cancel it, which we already had.

After the 5th gate was sealed, we all ended up gate diving simultaneously. Joe had an encounter that closed the gate but made him Lost in Time and Space--so no seal was placed. Mandy was next to emerge from the Other Worlds, making an easy roll to close, and sealing the 6th gate.

At no point did the game take on that "out of control" feeling I've felt every other time I've played. I think the 3 characters complemented each other well, and that we got fairly lucky. I think we may just try these same 3 characters again next time with a different Ancient One to see how things go.

Arkham Horror image by Nodens77


At 2:57 AM, Blogger Lagduf said...

Your last game is basically what happened in my last game, when I introduced AH to some of my friends who hadn't played it yet. We were just on a roll and it seemed the Ancient One couldn't do anything to stop us.

I've played AH a few times where this has happened and my characters were on a roll but other times I've felt helpless, and i've found that middle ground as well.

Generally speaking, I haven't had a bad time with the game yet. It's almost more of roleplaying experience than anything, which can turn some off. I'd prefer to win a game because I made good choices, not because I got a lucky encounter. Still I think enough decisions exist for the players that they can guide their own fate, even if the cards sometimes deal them really nasty (or really fortunate) things.

I will say though that I think picking your own characters is a must. You have to form some kind of balanced team.

At 3:48 AM, Blogger Jonas said...

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