Monday, January 23, 2006

The end in sight?

I'm beginning to think that I am nearing the end of my game collection. Of course, I've felt this way before, and within a month had a want list of more than 20. But this time, it's different...really.

As of today, my want list has 12 items, and hasn't changed much in quite a while. Every time I add something to it, I feel like I'm forcing it. I have no delusions that I am not a little bit of a collector, but deep down I still only want to buy games that have a reasonable chance of ever being played.

How do I continue my game buying spree?

Geek Buddies

Good old reliable geek buddies. They tell me what I might like. They tell me what I might not like. They convince me not to buy something. Their game comments are priceless. Their owned/rated game lists are gold.

Sometimes I pick one and scan their list looking for a game I don't know much about. I've found more than one interesting game this way. It's getting harder and harder.

Examples: Oltremare, Torres, Rheinlander

Geek Lists

I read most geek lists, usually for entertainment purposes. But once in a while I get a glimpse of a game in a light that I had never placed it. It gives me the initiative to dig a little deeper.

Examples: Jambo, Lost Valley, Clans

BGG Random Walk

Advanced search, click on random categories and mechanics. Click on random images. Click on random posts in Recent Additions. So far this has been the least effective method.

Examples: Liberté, Maharaja, Hansa

Play Online

This has been a very informative process. I've found great games I wouldn't have bought in a million years, and played terrible games I was about the order. Among BrettSpielWelt, SpielByWeb, Boite a Jeux, Ludagora, and many others, there's no end of fun.

Examples: Ra, Amun-Re, Through the Desert

Impulse Buys

Sometimes I buy something without reading the rules 3 times purely based on comments, reviews, images, or even theme. This is not a very effective method of finding something I will like, but it does get me to try a game I might have ignored.

Examples: Pirate's Cove, Runebound, Traders of Genoa

New Games

This is my final hope. There will always be new games, and reprints of older games that I didn't catch when I had the chance.

Examples: El Grande, Goa, Kreta, Taj Mahal

Are you feeling the same way? Do you have the need to buy more games even when you can't easily find ones you are interested in? What do you do?


At 5:52 AM, Blogger gnome said...

Oh..come on now... This is supposed to be fun. don't pressure yourself into buying games. Just wait and see.

At 6:56 AM, Blogger ekted said...

Aren't obsession and fun the same thing? :)

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Pawnstar said...

The obsession ceases to be fun when it reaches a level of addiction; I'm not cured yet but I am close. My collection is smaller than it was, but I still have a lot of work to do.

It feels good, reducing the collection to stuff I might actually stand a chance of playing.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger jtakagi said...

I totally identify with your feelings. I think I may have gotten a little carried away playing catch-up. So many classics that I must own! I'm starting to reach the saturation point, and besides the upcoming reprints of stuff I missed (Goa, El Grande, Shogun etc.) there shouldn't be too much more. The catch-up mentality has led to many hasty purchases, and I'll need to be more cautious with new releases.

I've also started to get into the mindset of "oh, I can play this with my daughter when she's old enough." That will inevitable lead to way too many purchases which may or may not ever get played.

At 11:50 AM, Blogger jtakagi said...

Another method I use to find games to buy is a holdover from my record and film collecting hobbies - publisher and designer. I don't see why more companies don't use Alea's numbering system to spur collectors - I think it's highly effective.


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