Sunday, June 25, 2006

Three Brave Knights

Sir Percival (Jim), Sir Gawain (Mary Ann), and Sir Palamedes (Mike) were all alone to defend Camelot. Since it was their first time, they all swore an absolute oath of loyalty; they would tolerate no traitorous behavior!

What did they have going for them besides their strength, honor, and courage? Percival can sense Evil, and choose the best path. Gawain's presence at Camelot allows him to be a strong force for Good. Palamedes is physically uplifted when a good deed is accomplished.

Early on, the forces of Evil were at work on the Grail and Excalibur. The knights stayed in Camelot for a short time to gather their strength, then set out. Percival quested for the Grail. Palamedes quested for Lancelot's Armor. Gawain went to face the Black Knight.

Percival held off Evil for a short time, but was unable to get the Grail alone. He returned to Camelot, then ventured to Excalibur.

Gawain fought the Black Knight valiantly. The Black Knight's true strength remained unknown until the very end. As expected, it was not enough to defeat Gawain.

Similarly, Palamedes victoriously fought for Lancelot's Armor. With this powerful relic in his possession, Palamedes could partly control Evil itself, which he did to great effect.

While our heroes were away, the forces of Evil surrounded Camelot--the Saxons to the West, the Picts to the East. Many Siege Engines lay on the horizon waiting for the signal to turn Camelot to rubble.

Many Evil events also occurred which hindered the knights. Morgana and Mordred worked their Evil deeds. Desolation afflicted thoughts of obtaining the Grail. The Mists of Avalon surrounded Camelot. But the knights were Brave, and with the assistance of Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, their Piety, and a little Fate, they weathered the machinations of Evil.

Once the growing Saxon threat was dispatched, all three knights went forth to combine their efforts on Excalibur. Quickly they did recover this artifact with a final effort by Gawain. Things were looking good for Camelot, but it was not over yet. The Dragon was growing in power, the Grail was yet unrecovered, and the fields outside Camelot were filling with enemy.

Mordred gave aid to the Picts. Gawain and Palamedes valiantly defended, while Percival desperately "held the fort". Percival could sense the fall of Camelot, so gave his life to give the other two knights a little more time. [What the inexperienced knights forgot was that Excalibur could have been used to spare Percival his fate.]

But Percival did not die in vain. Gawain and Palamedes overcame the Saxon threat, declaring victory for all of Camelot!

[This was a very close game. It was all the three knights could do during the last third of the game to keep from losing outright. We missed a couple of opportunities to use our strengths and items to best effect, but did pretty well for our first time. The time spent was engaging and quick a lot of fun. Cheers and high-fives all around.]

[SoC image by TedTorgerson.]


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Coldfoot said...

Three cheers for the Knights of Camelot!!!

Very nice report, Jim

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Rick said...

I'm surprised that the weak player communication rules in SoC don't bother you Jim!

At 4:49 PM, Blogger ekted said...

You have no idea. I've posted about the Collaboration rules before, but I was determined to come up with an objective set that worked. This is what we did:

- No discussion of cards played face down or peeked at whatsoever. Not even a hint at bad/worse.
- You can't say anything that indicates specific cards, even in a roundabout way.
- Exception: You are allowed to give 100% information in any situation where there's a public binary condition.

For example, if you have played cards 1-4 on the Pict quest and a player asks if you need help (are leaving, etc), you can say yes (indicating you don't have the 5, or that you are lying).

Other than that, we simply had no issues role playing. Any player trying to "cheat" out a little extra information would be kept in check by the group. I was hoping it would be that easy, and it is.

At 12:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, this is an awesome report, Jim! I like the way you put us all in character, it goes well with the game and reminds me of the fun that we had playing it.

Can I repost this in one of my blogs? I've been talking about Game Day with lots of friends, and I enjoy this report.

At 12:18 AM, Blogger ekted said...

Sure thing, Mike.


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