Monday, July 17, 2006

I am not a monster!

I'm certain that at least one of the people in question in Tom Vasel's latest BGN post is me. I do not have a BGN account, so rather than take this to BGG and start another flame war, I'll post here. I welcome all feedback.

Apparently, this comment:
"Of the 10 BGG users who modded your review, 9 gave it 3 GG, and 1 gave it 1 GG. Or something like that. Personally, I would have accepted it for 1GG."
...and this one:
"Which is exactly why I would have voted for 1 GG. In my opinion, a "standard" review is written by someone who knows the game well, and is much more detailed. Your review is also bland in layout and is kind of cluttered. I don't mean to be critical, just to explain why it might be considered below average by many."
...among others, led Tom to make this remark:
"In two separate threads, new reviewers were told rather harshly that their reviews were not up to snuff ... in which a few very vocal people suddenly decide that their opinion is the actual opinion of the masses and make sure that they say so, loud and vocally."
...and this:
"...I a’m tired of seeing internet bullies push around new folk."
I believe Tom's rant is unfair and way over the top. At no point in any thread in which I was involved did anyone, including myself, get mean or intentionally try to tell new BGG users to go away. Two sentences with the intention to give fair constructive criticism (especially to someone who is asking for feedback) is no reason for vilification.

Tom feels strongly about what he said (or he would not have said it), just as I do when I post about controversial things, so I have to respect his opinion. But I feel it is painting a very unrealistic picture.

Those who know me better know that I am a nice guy and a fun person, albeit blunt. I help anyone on BGG who asks for it, whether it be with finding information, getting feedback on a games list, or even learning a new game. I have taught people who I've never met online before how to use BSW and how to play various games there.

I am not the owner of BGG, nor an admin, nor even anyone in particular there other than that I have been around about two years, and am pretty vocal about a number of things. My opinions are merely mine, and I enjoy the debates. If you think something I said was mean, please call me on it, and I will clarify. I promise you it wasn't intended to be mean. I sincerely feel like this whole thing came from out of nowhere, like I was helping an old lady cross the street and was arrested by the police for assault.

So please judge me on the whole, and not because of some quick misinterpreted comments in a single thread. I have nothing against Tom, nor those with whom I debated in the threads. I sent a private message to the user who said he "was leaving" trying to clarify my statements and to apologize that they offended him. He's apparently still around, but he has not replied to me.

Game on...


At 7:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FWIW, I followed the original series of posts and I thought your input was fair, even helpful.

But the net harbours some very sensitive souls - seems like you're almost always going to upset someone!


At 8:35 PM, Blogger hibikir said...

Now you've done it, you've made Vasel angry :)

I, for one, think that your comment was fine. I'd rather read a harsh but fair critique than an overly positive-one sided comment, whether it's about some code I wrote, a game I'm thinking about buying, or a review on the internet. But I guess that others would rather live in a gundrop house in lollipop lane.


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