Friday, July 14, 2006

New Game Order!

My new game orders are on their respective trucks! I was unable to find one retailer that had all 10 games, so I split the order between Boulder Games and Games In A Box.

I was trying my best to wait for the release of Taj Mahal, but it keeps creeping away from my grasp. By then I'll have too many games to order at once. So I decided to go for it when El Grande and Goa showed up. The games will arrive next week!

Aton: I love 2 player abstracts. This one has multiple victory conditions and a semi-player-controlled end-game trigger. Yummy!

El Grande: I love San Marco, but some of my gaming opponents don't care so much for the "I cut, you choose" mechanic. I think this one could be a huge hit.

Goa: A heavier auction game that plays well with 2.

Kreta: A pretty and unique area majority game with multiple piece types, and player-controlled scoring.

Manila: I was waiting for Winner's Circle forever. When the comments started pouring in about the box, the colors, and the horses, I was on the fence. After reading the rules to Manila, it was easy to make the replacement. I will enjoy the heavier and higher quality game.

Masons: I read everything about this one, including the comments about the "heavy" luck factor in scoring cards. This would only be a factor for me if the game felts heavy. My intuition tells me that I can play this almost as a filler.

Mykerinos: 3 in a row from Ystari.

Quo Vadis?: I overlooked this one too long because of the simplistic looking board. The word "Knizia" on the box should have been a clue. Fantastic sounding negotiation game.

Timbuktu: The first time I read the rules, I didn't see where the game was. After following the reviews and sessions reports, it started to click, and I gave it another chance.

Vinci: The only game on this list that I have actually played. Each civilization having a pair of unique properties is a really nice system. The civ selection mechanism provides mitigation to "perceived" imbalance.

The following games are on my hot list and will be ordered around September:

ASL Starter Kit #1: I'm quickly becoming an ASL junkie. I've only played Scenario 1 so far, and it's not getting old yet. I've taught one person what I know, and am on the hook to teach two more. Fun stuff.

Antike: I'm kind of disappointed with the new bits, but I still find the game play compelling.

Die Macher: After Scott Nicholson's killer video review of this one, I am now considering picking up a copy, if only to hold it tightly and drool.

End of the Triumvirates: Played this once. Strange and unique game with asymmetry and 3 victory conditions.

Gheos: Incredible sounding game! Carcassonne-like tile laying and connectivity. Euphrates & Tigris-like kingdom formation, merging, and splitting. Martin Wallace-like system where all colors can be shared by all players. Go Z-Man!

Iliade: Another CCG-like "game in a box" that has an obvious Condottiere flavor.

Medici: Knizia classic that is accessible to casual gamers.

Taj Mahal: My only 10. I want it now!

It's really been a great year for gaming. All the games I missed because I started too late are being reprinted. I'm finally catching up. And there are so many unique new games.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger Jason Little said...

Nice selection... That ought to keep you busy for a while.

I recently just picked up Kramer/Kiesling's Australia. I also picked up Britannia over lunch yesterday, thinking it would be a good long conflict game in the vein of History of the World or Twilight Imperium. And I picked up 3 new Playroom kids games for Benjamin, two with color/pattern matching and one with counting. And 4 War of the Dragon Queen D&D Miniatures boosters. And some Navia Dratp Insurgence Boosters.

Oh, and then I went ahead and ordered Antike, Fairy Tale, Hey! That's My Fish!, Masons, Parthenon (Rise of the Aegean), Ra, Santiago, StreetSoccer, Tempus and Turn the Tide because I'm a game whore.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Dan Corban said...

I have been waiting for Antike, Taj Mahal, and the new Cartagena for months. I can't keep pushing my game order back, as Goa will probably become unavailable again in a couple months. :(

I have to pull the trigger on my order soon.

At 4:16 PM, Blogger hibikir said...

I've played a good chunk of those games, and I've not rated any of them any lower than a 7. My last game order is significantly less impressive: Mykerinos, Masons, Thurn and Taxis, Wooly Bully, Aton and O Zoo Le Mio.

I have to play Antike again. We had to call a 2 player game because we had crossed the 3 hour mark with no end in sight. Hopefully the game works better with more players.


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