Friday, December 08, 2006

New Games Have Arrived

The new games are here! The box was so small that I initially thought Funagain sent the wrong one, but all 12 games were there, packed very efficiently. Overall, I am very pleased with this order. The games were all pristine. No scratches, dents, bent cards, warped boards, nor missing pieces. In fact, the quality in some cases was better than expected. Any complaints below are extremely minor.

O Zoo le Mio
Nice colorful chunky wooden bits. The tiles are sturdy. The stands are a little tight to bend and fit together.

Awesome components! The board is big and beautiful. The cardboard tiles are thick. The game included 11 extra ziplock bags! The only issue was the insert. After punching all 5 tile sheets, there's no way to get it all under the board. Other than making the box an inch deeper, which would have been a waste, I'm not sure how it could have been managed. I made a new insert (pictured here) that was twice as deep with a slightly wider bin. I'm not sure what involvement FFG had with Perikles, other than putting their logo on the box. It looks like a typical Warfrog production. Was it simply a matter of using FFG's distributors?

Great tiles. Slightly sub-standard cubes. I tried putting all the tiles into a spare cloth bag that I had, but then it was really difficult to get it into the box without fear of putting some stress on the tiles. So I am leaving them loose in the box for now. There isn't much room for them to bounce around anyways. I think I'll just shuffle and stack the tiles when playing rather than try to draw them from a bag.

Leonardo da Vinci
I wasn't sure what to expect here as this is my first da Vinci game. The insert is perfect, except for the compartments for the two stand-up figures, which are too narrow. The wooden bits are fantastic. The cards are very nice. The one thing I would do differently is to make the backs of the components and money cards different so they can be separated/sorted more easily. The board and rules are both decent but rather plain. I am also not a fan of plastic stands; thick wooden discs with a stickers would be 10x better.

Medici vs Strozzi
Thick cardboard components/tiles/coins, large wooden cubes, and a cloth bag (unexpected in a game this small). My only complaint is that the "1" coins are way too small (7/32" or 12mm). No one should have to handle coins that size. They are, however, all differently sized and colored, which is nice.

From the shape of the box, I expected the cards to be larger. It turns out that there's 2 bins of cards oriented in the other direction. They are rather nice quality and about 3.5x2.5" (8.75x6.25cm), which turns out to be fine. Everything fits so perfectly into the box, that you have to flip it to get the rules out. There's also about 3/8" of space above the components which would allow the cards to come out of their compartments if the box were on its side, so I'll have to make a foam insert to hold everything in place.


At 12:21 PM, Blogger Ryan Walberg said...

If you can get O Zoo Le Mio to work, let me know how you did it. We couldn't.

At 12:22 PM, Blogger ekted said...

Meaning to fit in the box? I put the flattened stands on top of the rules.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Jason said...

At least one person on the geek suggests throwing the insert for O Zoo Le Mio away.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Seth Jaffee said...

My tenant suprised me with Leonardo da Vinci yesterday - The note said "a present", which I suspect really means a present for him as well as for me :) We played it at 1am. It was allright, I'd have to play it some more. I made a dumb error which I fear you cannot recover from - I put down some cards for an invention, and a couple turns later when it was time to complete it, I found out I'd put down the wrong resources. It was horrible, there was no longer anything I could do to be even close to in-the-running. That's a bonehead mistake, but I warn you to be careful not to make it!

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Ryan Walberg said...

Actually, I meant making the game work at all. It has a hideous runaway leader problem, and we didn't find it at all fun, with any variants. Plus, the money doesn't fit in your zoo building.

At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About Leonardo:

>>The one thing I would do differently is to make the backs of the components and money cards different so they can be separated/sorted more easily.

Mmm.. I guess the idea is the other players DO NOT KNOW if you have more money or more resources. That's why the back of the cards is the same.


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